Electrical Accessories



Power Inverters

We all know how important it is to have 240V power, but did you know that you can take it with you in your car or truck? 

Do you travel or operate a mobile buisness? 

With a Power inverter you can have 240 V power everywhere you go! 

Charge up your cordless equipment batteries, Charge your laptop, even run a Printer to print out your invoices while on site! 

Air Compressors

Do you need compressed air on your 4wd of work vehicle? 

Why not consider a 12v air compressor? There small and can oftern be mounted under trays or in engine bays. Setup correctly with 6 or 9 lt air tanks these compressors can supply big volumes of air. 


Anyone who has done night driving on unlit roads knows how important good spotlights are. Even more important is making sure they are installed and wired up correctly. 

Luckly we can help with this. 

12V Power Sockets

It's always handy to have extra power sockets. Perfect for powering your camping fridge or recharging devices.