Dual Battery Systems


A Dual Battery system is a fantastic way to make sure that all your accessories like Fridges and lights stay powered up while the engine is off. Weather your second battery is mounted in the engine bay, in the ute tray or in a caravan / trailer we can provide the appropiate charging hardware to make sure that you always have power when you need it.  

Battery Setup:


By carefully considering what type of accessories you plan to run, we can advise on the best types of batteries. Depending on what type of Vehicle you have and how much space is avaiable will also determine the location of the second battery. 

Charging Devices


It's no secret, Todays cars are getting more and more complex. As such so do the aftermarket battery charging solutions. Pictured below ( Left ) Is Redarc's 12v Battery charger which is great for charging batteries in low current draw applications especially when they are mounted some distance from the main battery. Pictured below ( Right ) Is a user programable VSR ( Voltage Sensative Relay ) Which permits the user to set the voltage in and and out paramaters. Which is perfect for modern cars fitted with Variable Voltage Alternators. These units can sustain loads of 150Amps which is perfect for late model 4WD's fitted with high load accessories such as a recovery winch.